Gacha Life Charms

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Welcome to a brand new world type of dress-up titles – Gacha Life. This time, you are going to have fun in bright and well-drawn, absolutely delightful world of anime characters. As you know from the cartoons from Japan, the heroes from them are always unique and interesting. Despite the fact that all of them share similar appearance with large eyes, there is always something original about their individualities which is expressed through the way they look. Color of their hair, shape and color of their eyes, as well as hairstyle and clothes, or course – these elements always speak for themselves. So if you want to try yourself as a character designer, then this title was created for you.

You start with making up a character from the ground up. Pick every part of his or her looking, starting with face and ending with accessories. However, while most dressing titles end when you are done with all that stuff with appearance, Gacha doesn’t. Actually, everything begins when your character is done. Now you can place him or her in any kind of life scene, creating the environment, dialogues, and more. The small scenes can be combined in a visual novel, so this is your way to create something similar to a cartoon or alive comics.