Gacha Life 2019

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If you think that small anime titles focused on dress up have nothing to surprise you with, well, then we have some good news for you! They do have! This is Gacha Life, a title that must be a real masterpiece of the genre. Actually, it is even hard to say that this title belongs to one certain genre, because it is a mixture you have never seen before. While it has a lot of dress up features (at least, you will start with trying on various clothes on your character), it is hard to say that it is the whole story. As you may understand, the best games are those that go far beyond their main conception and unite various features of different genres in a very smart and balanced way. This is what happens in Gacha.

Everything starts with a character creation session. From the first glance, there is nothing special here, right? But this is only how it looks from the first glance! Very soon you will see that a number of options and customization opportunities in Gacha is limitless and you can feel free to create any kind of a hero if you want to. Starting with classical ones, ending with someone really unique and even strange! So choose various traits of a hero, including face, hair, clothes, body, etc. Then you are welcome to check an endless wardrobe, where you will get an access to a real box with treasures – skirts and blouses, dresses, trousers, t-shirts, shorts, kimonos, scenery costumes of all kinds, and more. Then move to the accessories and here you also find a standard kit like bunny or hair ears as well as a deal of unbelievable stuff. The next mode is about scene creation. Because when there is character and even a pack of them, you are very likely to make them interact, right? While your characters are not static, they can move, change face expressions, show their emotions, talk, make special gestures and take poses, you can have a really bright story thought to the smallest details. Come up with dialogues and situtaions that change gradually and then you will be able to make up a novel out of them. There are also numerous small games here, so the process is not limited to one or two central activities. The games bring a lot of fresh air to your playing! Gain prizes in the form of magical crystals and gather more than anyone else on the server. By the way, communication with other characters is another important element of this title – you can find them and make friendship!