Gacha Life 4

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So, anime fans, as you tired of thousands of Hatsune Miku dress ups, that are all just the same? Have you already had enough of those avatar builders, where you can create a pic of a character and forget about it forever? Then we are happy to present something absolutely different and interesting to you. This one is Gacha Life 4 – a great title for those, who find fashion, anime, small puzzles, and visual novels great. Yes, you got it – the game developers did their best to create a really unusual mixture of all the elements we have named. Now you have a real bright cocktail that will make your head dizzy! Let’s talk about the main game features before you immerse yourself in this fantastic world.

The title encourages you to be creative and start with making a character or even a couple of them. Take a look at the slots that are present in the game. You can make about 8 different characters! The customization here is almost infinite – whether you would like to make your character similar to the one you know from your favorite cartoon of whether you would like to create an anime version of you – you are welcome. Also, you can make an absolutely unique characters, which doesn’t look like any other. Do it and move to the next mode. The next mode is about bringing your creations to life. This is why making a couple of different characters is a good idea! You can arrange situtaions and create something like an alive story with the heroes you have done. Also, the title offers a number of small games where you will gather valuable gems! There is an online chat for you and other participants, who also the game server to create their own anime stories. Once you reach the tenth level, they will gladly communicate with you and take a look at your stories and character design ideas. Create situtaions and improve friendship with the real-life characters, find real buddies, who are also fond of anime and storytelling! Who knows, maybe you will invent some new incredible ideas together!