Gacha Life

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A dress up, character design, story writer, mini games set, and communicational environment where you can socialize easily – can you imagine all of these things combined in a single game? Even if you cannot (which is clear, because there is a small chance that you have already seen such a mixture before), that’s okay, because now you have an opportunity to check it all in action. Behold! It’s Gacha Life, the best anime-game for those who are fond of fashion, storytelling, puzzles, and chats online. How can all that work together? Let’s see. You are going to start your unforgettable journey in the world of bright-eyed chibies from creating one (or a couple) for yourself. There is actually an option of multiple characters creation and you can make about 8 of them right away. The next stage of the process will explain why exactly you may need a number of different characters and the more different you make them – the better and more interesting general result your will receive at the end. Well, after the set of heroes is ready, they must be willing to have some adventures and this is when the next mode steps in.

The nest mode is about writing a story. You will have a number of separate windows, where various situations can be depicted. Each window allows you to add background, put the characters in the particular positions, write their speech bubbles and support their words with emotions, expressions, movements, poses, and gestures. Yes, you got it right – the developers are using a format of a visual novel, the type of entertainment that was extremely popular some time ago. Only now you can enjoy a livelier version of this narration type. While classical visual novels usually exclude too much movement of the characters and simply depict plain pictures of them, this time you can add some reality and life to their conversations. We bet that you are already feeling excited by a number of opportunities you have here. You must have invented a number of stories already, but wait on – there is more to come.

Your stories can be shared with other players, when you reach the particular level of development. Yes, all the other game features are available to you since the very start, but there is only one you need to achieve and this is communication with real people. Sounds a bit sad when described like that, but don’t worry – you will easily do that in a couple of dress-up and storytelling session. Then, when you have reached a required level, you will start interacting with others, sharing your masterpieces and building relations. However, building them is a quest as well – the process is going to be connected with different tasks and even quests, so be attentive and precise!