Gacha Life 2

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Get creative with Gacha life! This is going to be a marvelous adventure in the world of anime and cute chibies. The central concept of this title is an opportunity to build a character and put him or her in a situation. In other words, you can create a visual novel about original heroes on your own. Everything starts with creation of your hero. Here you have a great freedom of actions – the game developers took care to provide you with numerous options when it comes to hair, eyes, shapes, outfits, and even weapons. You can create a small pink bunny-girl with curly hair or a Shinigami with a sharp weapon to gather people’s souls when they die… Create a neko-girl or a demon, an angel or a school girl. Everything is up to you. What is more, you are welcome to create a number of different characters at the same time! The whole anime world is going to appear from your creative actions, so why don’t you join right now in Gacha Life 2? Let’s get a little bit closer to the stages of the process.

So start with making up a stylish and interesting hero. You can follow one particular image like creating a cutie that has all canonical traits, including pony tails and shiny stars in her eyes. But nobody limits you to canonic characters! Why don’t you combine different styles, making a character that surprises with his or her unusualness? For example, your sweet bunny-girl can have a giant sword and a pretty tough character. Why not? Mix everything the way you want and see what comes out. You can create almost every part of your hero, not just clothes but also shape of eyes, mouth, hair, and more. Make is as personal as you can! Poses and gestures can also be chosen and applied to your hero. If you are lack of ideas, then why don’t you create a fictional anime version of yourself? This is going to be a real fun. Don’t forget that you can also create friends and enemies for your hero and then make up a plot where they will interact with each other following the scenario you create. There are patterns to choose from, but you can always create something yours if you wish. This mode is called Studio – a place where you can choose the environment where your guys will communicate. Think about different short scenes and dialogues and them combine them in one story. Just imagine that you are a manga or anime creator! What kind of a cartoon of comics you would make? Is it a romantic story or an epic saga? Think about it and try different variants – the title doesn’t really limit you to something concrete.