Gacha Life 3

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Today we are going to present something incredible to you. This is Gacha Life, a real gift for all anime fans. This is an incredibly popular project that have already conquered the hearts of millions gamers from all corners of the world and now the time has come for you to check it out. When you start playing it, you will understand why did this happen very soon! So, let’s get to it! First, Gacha is a clothing game, but not just it. For instance, it has all the possibilities of a well-done dress up and character creation titles. Yes, you can make a hero of any kind here. But the best thing about Gacha and a pretty unique one is that you create something more than just an appearance here. Indeed, the developers have filled that lacuna and we have a brand new way of dressing games now. First of all, you create a character, not just dress some digital hero up or create an avatar for your social networks. The characters have personalities that can be expressed by means of their clothes, face expressions, gestures, poses, and even words in Gacha Life 3. You can create one and make him alive when you are done.

Making a character alive at Gacha means that you can bring him or her to a story. While anime and Japanese-inspired fashion are beautiful, there is more to check out. Try creating numerous heroes at the same time and think about the way they could behave if they were real. Because you have a chance to do that! There is a room for storytelling here: you are welcome to invent some dialogues, scenes, conflicts, romantics, and everything else that comes to your head. Create a background that will represent the environment, write down the dialogues, and make sure to make your story interesting! Then you will transfer your characters to the scenes and make a whole visual story. Once you develop enough, you will get an access to public space, where other gamers create their own characters and plots. There you will show them your stories and check what they have. In general, this makes great experience for everyone fond in anime, manga, and character design, so if you are – then you cannot miss Gacha Life for sure!