Gacha Life 2 For Girls

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Play one of the best hits of character design titles called Gacha Life! Gamers will get an access to a fully customizable creation process, where you can make up a character, invent his or her individuality, and even see him or her in action! The last one really is a unique opportunity and we cannot name the title that would include an opportunity like that except Gacha. This one will come to taste of all anime-fans, who dream of creating a set of their own heroes and write stories about them. So everything starts with a simple menu, where you can choose all parts of your future masterpiece, combine, mix and arrange everything the way you want. You will be creating a chibi version of an anime character and the limits are only in your head – the number of existing changeable elements is almost endless. You will find some hairstyles and clothes elements that will remind you of famous heroes of well-known series, like Vocaloid, Reborn, or Touhou Project, but in addition there will be a pretty extensive set of those that were never used anywhere for girls. This means that you can imitate one of your favorite characters or create a brand new one, as well as to make your own portrait in the anime style.

Are you done with your heroes? Then let’s move to the next mode, which is no less exciting. When there is a character, there might be a story, right? A story, where he or she reveals personality and shows who he or she is! That’s why the title has a number of storytelling options for you, all customizable but can use premade patterns. Fill in the dialogues, choose the environment and create a number of logically connected situations. In the next more, you will combine them all together and launch a real project with your own characters and ideas. Isn’t that a perfect way to spend your weekend? Guess, it is! Try this title on our website for free! Get creative!