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How an anime cartoon or visual novel is done? Well, there is a number of stages. First, the creators invent characters that will actually take part in the story. Next, they make up the parts of the story one by one, following the main idea they keep in mind. After that, the scenes are linked to one another to create a whole narrative. And the last and maybe the most pleasant part of the process – they share this creation with others, showing their best ideas to the audience. This is what you are welcome to do in Gacha Life! Now you can feel yourself as a character designer, story writer, and a communicative one, who shares his best masterpieces with others and even finds new friends among the like-minded people. Well, let’s see what this title got for us.

Start with making your character from scratch. The first stage will present a number of character-making options, which are all variable and changeable. Hair, eyes, expressions, gestures, and clothes or course – all of these and other elements can be added, modified, and applied to your hero. Remember that you can make more than one character and the maximum number of them is eight. This is especially important when you move to the next stage, which is connected with storytelling, so make your ideas up before you move there – choose and create characters that will naturally suit the story you are going to tell. Let them have different personalities and see how interesting the combinations and even confrontations might be. When you reach the highest level, you can move to the other stage, where you can meet real players and offer them to take a look at your creation! There you will also enter a communicational field, where you can use chat to talk to other characters and invent interesting scenes with real-life people.