Gacha Life Android

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Following the latest trends of anime and Japanese fashion, Gacha Life provides you with a great number of character design opportunities you cannot miss (especially, if you like Japanese cartoons and games). Not only you will have a perfect chance to make an original hero on your own, but also you will transfer him/her to a story, where he/she will act following your scenario, making certain gestures, saying particular words and pleasing your eyes in all possible ways. Next step – making him/her please the eyes of the world, since you are welcome to share your creations online and allow other gamers take a look at what you have done. Become a storyteller and real artist of anime universe with Gacha Life!

While free inventions of characters and stories about them make the heart and soul of the title, there are more features to please you with. For example, side quests and puzzles to solve! You will receive prizes for that and what is more – you will see your precious anime character in action! Also, there is another way to see your character in action – putting them in stories told by you. You can implement all of your creations into a single scenario and create a whole visual novel! Then join the other players and do everything described above in a good company.