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A title where you can test your character design skills and storytelling talent is already on the run. This is Gacha Life, a great entertainment in the world of cute anime chibies. You can create your own the way you want, customize every part of his or her body, choose a stylish suit, and then proceed with the story. The stories can be invented the way you want – just create a couple characters and think what kind of situations they could appear in with cheats. Be it a friendly walk, a dialogue about clothes, or even a fight – you can do everything. The best thing about this unique title is a level of personalization it provides. Here you can customize literally everything and make your hero look and behave the way you want.

Custom features don’t end on clothes and faces, but they also include various other things, like the way you character moves, what poses and gestures makes him or her unique. You must remember numerous anime characters, who have poses that characterize them. Some are pretty common, the others are absolutely unique and you won’t see anything like that anywhere else. So you are welcome to create your character from the ground up and include even such details as moves! Isn’t it great? What is more, with time you will be able to interact with those characters created by other gamers and build real relationships with them! You can tell something, ask questions, make a gift or even pass a quiz to know if you are familiar with your friend as much as you believe you are.